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Tata Nx is Tata’s foray into Indian Nutraceuticals with a focus on BIO-EASY nutritionals. This new-age range of nutritional solution specially crafted for today’s health-conscious generation promises to deliver the best nutrition backed by science. Tata Nx is the result of applying innovative food science, combined with our traditional strengths in consumer products. The brand’s ideology is centred on discovering better insights about the human body and developing products using cutting-edge science and technology.

Tata Nx Zero Sugar** is made from 100% natural ingredients like stevia herb extract, lactose as a bulking agent and thaumatin which is a fruit extract. It has a low Glycaemic Index compared to regular sugar^ and it is suitable for those who have been advised to reduce their sugar intake. It blends easily in hot and cold beverages so you can enjoy the goodness of natural sweetener with TATA Nx Zero Sugar**.

0.75 gm of Tata nx Zero Sugar**= 5 gm of regular sugar#

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#Based on sensory study carried out by a NABL Certified Lab.
**TATA Nx Zero Sugar does not contain Sucrose
^Based on the low glycaemic index of the ingredients used
#As per the study conducted by Glycemic Index Foundation (GI Foundation), Supported by University of Sydney, Australia.

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