With the goal of revolutionising the 'out of home retail' tea drinking experience, Tata Cha has been striking the perfect balance between aspirational and authentic.
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Tata Cha is on a mission to spread Chai Wamth. With over 12 cafes in prime locations of Bengaluru (including one at the airport) and the prestigious ‘Tea Café of the year’ award, Tata Cha is creating new benchmarks in the quick service restaurant industry. At Tata Cha, the essence of its entire offering is rooted in being authentically Indian. It is about bringing to our consumer the warmth of tapri chai in a modern environment.

The balance lies in creating an experience which is premium and aspirational yet, real and authentic. It is our endeavour to optimise the ‘outside of home’ tea drinking experience by creating a cup of tea that India drinks – boiled to perfection; and a complete food menu that pays homage to our indigenous eating culture and reviving forgotten Indian recipes.