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Tata Chakra Gold

Tata Tea Chakra Gold is one of the most premium mass offering from Tata Tea’s diverse portfolio. It is the second largest tea brand in South India by value. Launched in 1985 as Chakra Premium Dust Tea, the brand was renamed Chakra Gold in 1989. With a heritage of over 30 years, the brand has built strong equity in the markets of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

Selected and blended by Tata Tea experts, its uniqueness lies in the superior balance of premium Assam teas, known for their strong and lingering taste. This differentiated offering is a hallmark of premium quality teas in the country which has not only helped Tata Tea acquire a sizable share of the premium tea segment but has also helped in upgrading imagery.

In 2018, Tata Tea Chakra Gold launched two value added variants - Chakra Gold Activ+ and Chakra Gold Elaichi to address special functional and sensorial needs of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh consumers.

Chakra Gold Activ+, is a blend of high quality Assam teas boosted with natural extracts of Kokum & Amla. This unique blend helps the consumer feel energized for long while Chakra Gold Elaichi, is a blend of high quality Assam teas and real Elaichi to deliver a truly refreshing tea drinking experience.

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