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Tata Tea Kanan Devan is the No. 1 tea brand in Karnataka and No. 2 tea brand in Kerala in the dust tea segment. The distinctly refreshing taste and flavour of the tea is attributed to its origin in the beautiful Kanan Devan Hills — one of the highest hills in Kerala. Kanan Devan was popular as a loose tea mark for more than 7 decades, and was then launched in 1984 as a packaged tea brand in Kerala. It was subsequently extended to Karnataka, Goa and Tamil Nadu. And, since then, Kanan Devan has been a key brand of the Tata Tea portfolio.

Kanan Devan Duet is the latest addition to the Kanan Devan brand. Its unique combination of the taste of Black tea and the goodness of Green tea targets passive health seekers in its native state of Kerala.

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