US and Canada

Tetley Tea — a household name in Britain — is also available in USA and Canada, offering a wide range of innovative products to the markets.


In the USA, Tetley offers a range of teas made from the world's finest tea leaves.

Tetley relaunched its flagship British Blend product that delivers a rich, robust taste experience. Tetley also introduced a new iced tea blend with a southern twist. This refreshing & crisp iced tea never turns bitter, never clouds and is naturally sweet.

For more information, visit www.tetleyusa.com

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Tetley is the market leader in Canada, with over 50 delicious flavours of tea. Tetley’s teas range from original Orange Pekoe to a great variety of flavours in herbal, green and flavoured black tea segments.

Tetley also takes pride in providing an assortment of innovative and tasty offerings, with most products packed in our unique resealable canisters to maintain freshness. Tetley recently introduced Canada’s first line of teas fortified with vitamins and minerals – Tetley Super Teas - which was honoured by BrandSpark International with the 2019 Best New Product Award.*

For more information, visit www.tetley.ca

*Brandspark International 2019 Best New Product Award, voted by over 18,000 Canadians

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Our teas

    British Blend - Black Tea
    Tetley US Iced Tea Blend Round
    Tetley Jedi Herbal Care
    Tetley Jedi Steamed Ginger Green
    Tetley Super Green Tea Antiox
    Tetley Super Green Tea Boost
    Tetley Super Herbal Tea Immune