Innovation in Communication and Route to Market

Tata Tea Jaago Re

Tata Tea’s award winning Jaago Re campaigns has, over the years, become synonymous with ‘Awakening’ individuals and inspiring them to be the change they wish to see around them by addressing serious issues like voting, corruption, gender sensitisation and lack of sporting culture. Making its debut in 2007, the campaign began with a television commercial which showed a young man questioning a local politician campaigning for votes before offering him a cup of tea. Striking a chord with the youth, the campaign launched a series of advertisements over the last 13 years that have woven in the themes of awakening and pre-activism in the Indian civic consciousness.

Tata Salt

On Global Iodine Deficiency Day (21st October), Tata Salt launched #MissingI, a multi-media campaign that grabbed the attention of the nation. The campaign had the letter ‘I’ eliminated from tweets, news, headlines in print and on TV News Channels to create awareness and establish the importance of Iodine in daily diet. The campaign was a huge success, garnering almost 90 million impressions with live tweets from Indian celebrities and influencers reiterating the message of the missing “I”.
Another campaign by Tata Salt on Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October) had the brand paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi with the hastag #BapuReminder. Passers-by on Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mumbai, were nudged by Bapu’s voice through a targeted sound-beam technology from a 6 ft x 4 ft LED Screen with Bapu’s image on it. The intrigued passers-by then went on to interact with the digital billboard which involved Mahatma Gandhi’s voice asking, “Mahatma Gandhi Road se guzar rahe ho, lekin kya mere bataye hue raaste pe chalte ho?” (You walk on Mahatma Gandhi Road, but do you follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings?) The screen would then reflect a beach littered with garbage, and as they look at Bapu’s eyes, visuals of the littered beach transforms into a clean beach. People are then prompted to take a pledge to keep the city clean, in keeping with one of Gandhi’s key teachings, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’

Gaon Chalo (Route to Market)

Close to 70% of India's population lives in its villages. This large rural market presents great opportunity for growth. The challenge is to adopt a sustainable yet cost effective model to leverage rural India's potential.
Gaon Chalo has three levels of Channel Partners: Rural Distributors, Mobile Rural Distributors and Rural Dealers. We also involve Self Help Groups (SHGs) for deeper penetration and the possibility of impacting the lives of a larger number of people.
Our efforts have transformed the lives of many. Besides enabling social change, the Gaon Chalo model has several business advantages which include limited fluctuations in sales due to direct access to the rural retailers, creating a cost-effective brand building platform and the flexibility to address the complexities of local markets.
From beginning in Uttar Pradesh in 2007-08, this unique initiative in last mile distribution is now in over 90,000 villages, serving as a strong platform for generating rural employment for youth, women, the underprivileged, differently abled and SHGs.