Tata Consumer Products has a long history of innovation spanning beverages and foods. We are constantly re-imagining our brands in light of the ever-changing consumer and market landscape.

Product innovation

In 1989, Tetley introduced the round tea bag that was suited to the growing habit of brewing tea in mugs. However, fishing the infused bag out of the brew was messy so the drip-less tea bag or ‘Drawstring,’ was born. In recent years, Tetley’s innovation pipeline has continued to deliver a slew of innovative products that have redefined the way tea is consumed. Amongst them is Tetley Super Teas - the first functional range of teas and Tetley Cold Infusions - specially created to add a refreshing twist to water.

Our flagship brand Tata Tea revolutionised the packaged tea market in India over 30 years ago by introducing the poly pack in 1985. It helped deliver 'garden fresh' tea to consumers and created a stir in the FMCG industry thereby sealing Tata Tea's presence in India. Its latest innovation, Tata Tea Quick Chai Lite is a ‘low sugar’ variant 3 in 1 tea mix packaged as a new way to make boiled tea in a convenient format. Our coffee brand in the US, Eight O'Clock Coffee has a rich history dating back to 1859. In 1933 the very first Times Square "spectacular" billboard appeared: a giant, 25-foot-tall cup of Eight O'Clock Coffee that gave off real steam! In 2010, a ground-breaking online package design survey marked the first time a major national brand asked for input from its fans. To mark its 160th year in 2019, the Flavours of America range was crafted to celebrate the unique taste from seven states in the US offering consumer a new way to discover America all over again.

In the water business, Tata Water Plus from the house of NourishCo (a 50:50 JV between Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo) is India's first nutrient water which looks and tastes like normal water, but with the added goodness of nutrients - Zinc and Copper.

Our Foods business pioneered the iodized salt industry in India in 1983 with Tata Salt, a hygienic, vacuum packed product, which until then, was unheard of. Through its product variants, Tata Salt addresses various health problems, from high blood pressure to anaemia, while not compromising on the health and taste of a meal.

Tata Sampann is a range of products centred on natural goodness. It is one of the only brands in India to sell spices with natural oils retained. This ensures great aroma and flavour while retaining its nutritional benefits much like the extensive range of unpolished dals/pulses and the specially developed low-absorbing besan that makes indulgence healthier.

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Innovation in communication

Our desire to innovate and break barriers extends to our communication, too. We leverage our products to bring about social change and to spark positive conversations. Over the last 30 years, Tata Tea has evolved from being a brand that promised freshness of the tea gardens, to a brand that awakens every Indian through its landmark Jaago Re platform.

'Gaon Chalo' (go to the village) was conceived as a unique distribution model that would help us travel the last mile effectively in rural markets in India. It is an opportunity, responsibility and a challenge which while tapping unreached rural markets also provides a means of sustainable livelihood to many.

On Global Iodine Deficiency Day, Tata Salt launched #MissingI, a multi-media campaign to create awareness and establish the importance of Iodine in one’s daily diet.

Another landmark campaign by Tata Salt was on Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October). Passers-by on Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mumbai, interacted with a high-tech digital billboard that was developed with Gandhi’s voice and visuals driving his message of ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’

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