Creating innovative products that delight our consumers is our passion. Since the 1960s, the Tetley brand has continued to develop one’s love for sipping tea, by introducing exciting new ideas. In 1989, we re-defined the market by launching the round teabag, by capitalising on the trend to drink tea in a mug, rather than a cup. Next came the drawstring ‘no drip, no mess’ teabag. More information can be found at Tata Tea was the pioneering brand to offer garden fresh tea in a polypack format in 1985, re-imagining the packet tea market by improving freshness and quality. A market leader in India, Tata Salt holds the distinction of being India's first national branded iodised salt. Launched in 1983, Tata Salt provides an assurance of purity in a market where unbranded salt of dubious quality used to be the norm. Its various first-to-market products aim to improve the nation's health without compromising on taste.

Find out more about some of our key recent innovations below.

tetley super teas

Tetley Super Teas

Globally, the vitamin market is growing rapidly but many consumers find taking vitamin supplements every day, expensive and inconvenient. Tea has benefited from its positive health association, especially green teas and fruit-based and herbal teas; and as a significant player in the tea industry, we responded to this growing trend by launching a ground-breaking, innovative line - Tetley Super Teas, the first functional range of teas in the UK with approved health benefits. The teas are fortified with different vitamins and minerals catering to numerous health benefits, ranging from reducing tiredness to supporting healthy digestion.

tetley cold infusions

Tetley Cold Infusions

Tetley is taking on the flavoured water market in the UK and Australia with Tetley Cold Infusions, an affordable range of fruit and herbal infusions developed specially to be brewed in cold water. Each infusion contains premium grade ingredients with small pieces of real fruit, to deliver on taste. It is also free from caffeine, artificial flavours, sugar and sweeteners. The arrival of Tetley Cold Infusions gives us differentiated positioning in the flavoured water category, at an affordable price point.

tata salt

Tata Salt Plus and Tata Salt Lite

Tata Salt Plus is India’s first iron fortified iodised salt that provides up to 50% of Recommended Daily Allowance of Iron. The product formulation was developed with the National Institute of Nutrition, India and launched after two decades of research to address the issue of iron deficiency in India.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the leading health problems of urban India. Consuming less salt and bland food is advised so Tata Salt Lite, a low-sodium salt specially formulated to provide 15% lower sodium than regular salt, was launched. This innovation aims to assist consumers in the management of blood pressure without compromising on the taste of food.

tata gluco plus

Tata Gluco Plus

Tata Gluco Plus is an on-the-go re-hydration solution, which combines great taste with energy. Developed by NourishCo — a 100% subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products, the product is targeted at the mass consumer segment in India. The challenge was to deliver a quality product that tastes good, has functional benefits, and is available at an affordable price. The breakthrough was the packaging format in the form of a 200 ml plastic cup that ensured product quality at a low price point, without compromising on the taste or aroma.

This glucose-based drink offers the benefit of glucose energy, electrolytes and iron to provide instant energy to consumers. Tata Gluco Plus is available in the variants of Grape, Lemon, Lychee and Orange.


Eight O’ Clock Coffee Flavors of America

America has 50 states – all united, each unique and each with a ‘flavor’, distinctively its own. Our master blenders celebrate this variety with a coffee collection aptly named Flavors of America. The seven star-spangled creations have been positioned as the new, unique way to discover America all over again. Consumers can choose from Maine Blueberry Crisp, Michigan Cherry Pie, Vermont Maple Bourbon, California Toasted Almond, Texas Pecan Praline, Hawaiian Coconut Cream and Florida Berry Shortcake.

tata tea masala

Tata Tea Masala

Tata Tea Masala is a unique blend of black tea and the flavour of five spices - Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Star anise and Ginger. The flavoring with oleo resin coating is a first for the Indian market. It helps ensure a consistent cup of chai.

tata fruski

Tata Fruski

Tata Fruski (a pilot launch in the Delhi NCR region,) is our first step into the Indian RTD beverages market. Riding on the back of the perceptible shift in consumer preferences, particularly the younger audience, towards natural alternatives to soft drinks, Fruski reinvented the iced tea category with a unique, green tea-based refreshing offering containing herbal ingredients and added benefits. Fruski is currently available in Orange and Mango variants.