Drive digital and innovation

We are driving digital transformation across the value chain and defining a clear roadmap to simplify and synergise processes.

We have undertaken end-to-end digitalisation of our channel partners and field force and bolstered our capabilities in

We implemented Integrated Business Planning to drive efficiencies in our supply chain. Data driven insights and analytics are other areas of focus for us, going forward.

Solid inroads into e-commerce


We identified e-commerce as a strategic focus in India and in the past year, worked to enhance people capabilities, process enrichment and system capabilities to drive analytics-based decisionmaking. We established clear goals with key partners and conducted regular reviews as part of joint business planning process, which achieved 100% growth last year across key accounts.

Performance highlights FY 20-21

E-commerce contribution to overall sales increased from 2.5% in FY 19-20 to 5.2% in FY 20-21

  • E-commerce contribution to overall sales increased from 2.5% in FY 19-20 to 5.2% in FY 20-21
  • Introduced products on e-commerce like Tata Tea Tulsi, Gold Care, Quick Chai, Sonnets from Tata Coffee, Tata Sampann Mixes, Thin Poha, Thick Poha, Pulses Combi packs. New products launched cumulatively contributed 4% of overall e-commerce sales
  • Launch of premium coffee and luxury tea range through D2C model

Tata Sampann and Tata Soulfull on e-commerce

  • Tata Sampann pulses and besan growth has been led by e-commerce in the last 5 years
  • It is currently the top category in our portfolio in e-commerce channels.
  • E-commerce-specific combo packs and cross-category promotions executed in FY 20-21
  • Tata Soulfull has a very strong e-commerce reach and is growing rapidly

Strengthening D2C with Nutrikorner

  • Consolidated portfolio now on Tata Nutrikorner to enable content to commerce
  • Revamped the website with advanced UI/UX and industry-best plugins to enable convenient customer shopping experience and facilitate loyalty programmes, WhatsApp Messenger notifications, among others
  • Defined digital acquisition funnel with precision targeting and highly relevant communication
  • Integrated plans with top partners like Google to bring in more innovation

Solid inroads into e-commerce


There has been marked growth in the online channel in UK. For the top 4 grocery e-tailers, ~18% of sales is through online as opposed to only ~10% during pre-COVID times.

Performance highlights FY 20-21

  • Tetley is winning online, with 18.6% of all sales happening via online channel compared to overall tea category sales remaining at 17.8%
  • Registered 500%+ growth on Amazon.
  • Across the top 5 online retailers (including Ocado) we have grown 80% (vs category growth of 70%)

Key launches and activations

  • E-commerce-led launch of Good Earth on our D2C consumer website supported by Instagram during the pandemic. This was followed by the launch on Ocado, and Amazon
  • Launched all new products of Tetley on our e-commerce channels with increased split of online investments.
  • Significantly improved our digital shelf presence with SEO optimised content, mobile optimised images and ratings and review campaigns
  • Activated ‘Search’ campaigns, media callouts on ‘Favourites’, ‘Offers’ page and targeted