Embed sustainability

We are working towards all-round sustainable performance and have instituted programmes and initiatives towards sustainable sourcing, natural resource management, climate leadership, circular economy and community development.


For Better sourcing

For Better planet

For Better communities

For Better nutrition


Driving sustainability and promoting grower welfare with trustea

We are among the founding members of trustea, India’s Sustainability tea programme, that has sustainably transformed over 650 Million kg or 50% of India’s tea. It has been instrumental in disseminating sustainable agricultural practices to over 600,000 tea workers and 50,000 small tea growers; making it one of the largest programmes worldwide.

Tea being one of our core businesses, we are committed to building a secure supply chain ecosystem. With the help of technology and stakeholder partnerships, we strive to implement best sourcing practices, keeping the environment in mind. Our association with the programme has made a positive difference in the lives of the tea-growing communities that have been touched by the programme.

Rooted in Responsibility - Eight O' Clock Coffee, USA

This initiative furthers our commitment to the environment, our farmers and our customers. Through partnerships with different coffee organisations, we hope to support the coffee farming community. Our goal is to help improve the quality of life for all people involved in the coffee supply chain.

"From bean to cup" starts at the farm and farmer.


Project Jalodari

Our flagship water management programme is aimed at creating sustainable water sources, building and enhancing water capacities and strengthening sanitation in the communities where we operate. We partnered with Tata Trusts and Tata Water Mission on Water and Sanitation (WASH) projects in Himachal Pradesh and Assam to benefit over 25,000 community members.


Of roof area at India Tea packeting units covered by rainwater harvesting structures


Improving Lives programme in Assam by UNICEF and ETP

The UNICEF – ETP Improving Lives programme aims to tackle the systemic issues affecting women and children in 200+ tea estates of Assam, which is over one-fourth of formal tea estates in the region. The project has expanded to education, health and nutrition, and water & sanitation challenges. Adolescent girls have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed decisions about their future. Through this programme 26,000 adolescent girls and 5,000 adolescent boys have been equipped with life skills through meetings and awareness drives. During the pandemic, the programme promoted safe sanitation practices through ‘Swachcha Bharat Mission’ along with capacity building activities for frontline and sanitation workers of health care facilities. UNICEF collaborated with the District Administration in Dibrugarh, the Education Department and Radio Brahmaputra 90.4 FM on an innovative programme called ‘Radio Parhasali’ for continued education for children during the lockdown.