Tata Tea’s new JaagoRe initiative to inspire individuals to help & care for senior citizens during COVID-19

Over the years JaagoRe, has become a clarion call for social awakening and Tata Tea has always used this platform to facilitate genuine change in a social cause that is the need of the hour.

Tata Tea has announced that in the wake of unprecedented COVID-19 situation and extended lockdown period in the country, they will work towards spreading awareness and facilitating change for the cause of the elderly, who are the most vulnerable during these times, through their social initiative, Iss baar #BadonKeLiye #JaagoRe (This time, wake up for the elderly!)

World Health Organization (WHO) and health experts have identified elderly people as more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus outbreak due to their decreased immunity. This has been further reiterated in the PM’s address with ‘care for the elderly’ as one of the key points in the 7-point agenda.

Commenting on the initiative of Iss baar #BadonKeLiye #JaagoRe, Sushant Dash, President, Beverages– India & Middle East, Tata Consumer Products, said, “JaagoRe has always been a means to awaken people on a relevant social issue, inspire them to take action and thereby make a genuine difference in society. For us, it has always been about making a real difference in people’s life and with this initiative also, that is the attempt. The initiative will involve, spreading awareness of the Social Cause viz Helping the Elderly, providing relevant tips, tying up with NGOs and providing a common platform for people to connect with them, and share stories of volunteers to inspire others to take action.”

“It is important to understand and address the medical, psychological and social needs of the elderly whose routine life is disrupted leading them to be most prone to confusion and helplessness. A simple action like checking on them to see if they need anything and taking steps to help them will make a big difference. Of course, all this needs to be done keeping in line with the COVID 19 guidelines, as provided by the local administration. However, it is time to give back to our elders who have protected and guided us in the right direction. Every small step or action you take to help them, can make a big difference. Hence, we appeal to all to join the movement, and be a catalyst of change with Iss Baar #BadonKeLiye #JaagoRe” says Puneet Das, Vice President Marketing, Beverages - India, Tata Consumer Products

The initiative is also being supported by influencers, NGOs and experts in the senior care management. Log onto to know more, such as guidelines for the elderly (and how one can extend help), connect with NGOs and pledge your support to help the elderly.

About Tata Consumer Products Limited

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About JaagoRe

JaagoRe is a flagship social awakening initiative of Tata Tea launched in 2008, with an objective to awaken people on relevant social issues and inspire them to take action thereby making a genuine difference in society.

Over the years, JaagoRe has become a clarion call for social awakening and Tata Tea has always used this platform to facilitate genuine change across various social cause like voting, corruption etc. In the last edition of Jaago Re, introduced in 2017, it urged people to pre-act i.e. act before any tragedy hits them and prevent it altogether.

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