Climate change


Tata Group Climate Change Policy

Tata Companies will play a leadership role in climate change by being knowledgeable, responsive and trustworthy, and by adopting environment-friendly technologies, business practices and innovation, while pursuing their own growth aspirations and the enhancement of shareholder value.

Tata Companies will measure their carbon footprint and strive to:

  • Be the benchmark in their segment of industry on the carbon footprint for their plants and operations.
  • Engage actively in climate change advocacy and the shaping of regulations in different business sectors.
  • Incorporate ‘green’ perspective in all key organisational processes.

Climate change strategy

At Tata Consumer Products, we recognise and appreciate our dependence on natural capital. We acknowledge the several advantages from integrating climate change into company strategy, from greater operational efficiencies and cost savings, a more robust risk management process, enhanced sustainability credentials and customer relations through building resilience into core supply chains, and enhancing corporate reputation amongst stakeholders and potential employees. Tata Consumer Products has defined its climate change strategy along 4 areas: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Forestry, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.