Waste management


Tata Consumer Products is committed to making optimal use of resources in packaging and reducing environmental impact, without compromising on product quality and safety. While this is challenging because of market performance, cost, consumer protection, environmental management and other considerations, we collaborate with stakeholders to find sustainable packaging solutions to mitigate and manage waste better.

In accordance with the Plastic Management Rule of 2016 in India, we developed an action plan to support our Plastic Waste Management Strategy. We initiate regular dialogue with key stakeholders to explore acceptable, cost-effective and sustainable options for plastic waste management. For example, our brand Tata Salt was launched in recyclable packs in select Indian cities. Based on feedback, it will be implemented in more cities across the country. We also run projects aimed at reducing the quantum of plastic put out into the market and environment.

Through this action plan, we aim to establish an effective system of collecting and recycling/reusing the plastic waste generated post the consumer’s use of our products, in a 5-year timeframe as per Extended Producer Responsibility.

In our International business, we joined the UK Plastics Pact in 2018. This is a unique pact tackling the various causes of plastic pollution in a 7-year commitment.

Zero waste to landfill

While waste is an inalienable part of production, effectively managing and reducing it using innovative methods is one of our priorities. Our objective is to minimize the amount of plastic waste in public spaces and landfills. To enable this, we undertake initiatives such as converting biodegradable waste into compost and recycling plastic as a packaging material.