Tata Coffee Quick Filter

Tata Coffee Quick Filter


The taste of South-Indian filter coffee brought to you instantly
Tata Coffee Gold

Tata Coffee Quick Filter was launched in October’21 as a unique instant coffee powder that delivers the taste of filter coffee, very conveniently.

South Indian filter coffee is considered one of the most authentic coffee experiences – every sip is filled with the flavor and aroma of freshly brewed coffee. But brewing this flavorful cup takes expertise and effort.

Tata Coffee Quick Filter allows you to enjoy an aromatic, flavorful coffee that tastes like filter coffee, with the same convenience of making an instant coffee.

This does not only make, getting the taste of filter coffee easier, but also brings in excitement to the coffee category outside South, where filter coffee is not a wide-spread phenomenon, by giving them an authentic coffee experience, in a format they are most comfortable with.