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The name ‘Sampann’ has many meanings - wholesome, prosperous, accomplished, ‘full of.’ It is also a name that directly inspires our product philosophy. With every Tata Sampann product, you get nutritional ‘more-ness.’ Our products may look just the same as the next product. In some cases, they might even look duller or rougher because we like to leave them as natural as possible to give you the most nutrition. But make no mistake. Every Tata Sampann product carries a strong core of nutritional superiority. Our differentiation starts with our products.

We believe that health and taste are qualities that go hand in hand. Food that is natural with its wholesome nutrition retained is also more likely to taste better. That’s why, though we talk of the high protein content in our dals, our consumers keep coming back for its rich taste and nutritious mouthfeel. It’s this assured delivery of great nutrition with great taste that inspires our brand signature: Sarvgunn Sampann (endowed with every good quality).

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At Tata Sampann we have a wide range of products across various categories:
Spices | Pulses | Organic | Ready-to-Cook Mixes | Red & White Poha | Besan & Jeera Sattu | Dal Snacks | Chutneys | Virgin Coconut Oil

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