Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Tata Consumer Products Limited (Formerly known as Tata Global Beverages Limited)  aims to deliver long-term value for our shareholders by providing products and brands that consumers enjoy — without compromising on integrity, our environmental and social obligations, or regulatory compliance.

We have clear management processes and policies in place that ensure this is the case — they also guarantee transparency and openness in everything we do, at every level of our Company.

Our Corporate Governance System

Our corporate governance system meets international standards and the best practice. The system ensures the following:

  • We operate within accepted standards of propriety, fair play and justice.
  • We enable all our employees to voice any concerns they have, openly and without fear or inhibition.
  • We abide by the Tata Code of Conduct that covers every employee, including our Executive Directors.
  • We also operate in accordance with our Tata Business Excellence Model, Code for Prevention of Insider Trading and Code of Corporate. Tata Non-Executive Directors are also covered by a condensed Code of Conduct.
Our Code of Conduct

We operate in line with a comprehensive Code of Conduct, which applies to all our employees — including our Managing and Executive Directors. The Code is accessible to everyone who works for our Company. Read the Tata Code of Conduct.

Meeting our Social and Environmental Obligations

We have systems in place that encourage and recognise employees’ participation in environmental and social initiatives that support our aim to be a sustainable business and also benefit the wider community.

Our Corporate Governance Structure

Our corporate governance structure ensures that corporate governance is made a priority at every level of our Company. It assigns responsibility and accountability to individuals, Board committees and management teams.

Our Board of Directors

Tata Consumer Products Limited Board is made up of 9 Directors — including 2 Executive Directors and 7 Non-Executive Directors, out of which 5 are Independent Directors. The Chairman of the Board is Non-Executive (Non-Independent) Director. The Board holds overall responsibility for all aspects of corporate governance and ensures that we operate in-line with all relevant processes and policies.

Our Ethics and Compliance

The Audit Committee ensures that we operate at all times in-line with external and internal insider trading guidelines and the Tata Code of Conduct. To raise a concern, or to know more about our code of conduct, please write to

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Committee

The Committee monitors and guides the policies that we have put in place, covering environmental management, social responsibility, health and safety, and product stewardship.

Our Audit Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Stakeholders Relationship Committee and Executive Committee also play an important, if more, indirect role, in ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of corporate governance in every aspect of our operations.