Tata Consumer Products' Solubles business brings together under one umbrella its global market presence, multiple supply chain assets and shared knowledge in the field of instant beverages going back decades. It combines its two existing downstream businesses in the form of “instant coffee” and “instant tea” to form a new vertical linking international markets with its coffee extraction factories in India and Vietnam and tea extraction factories in India and the USA.
Coffee & tea

The Solubles business ranks amongst the top worldwide players in the instant coffee and instant tea market space. The business is B2B and serves some of the most iconic coffee and tea brands globally. It offers a full range of instant coffees – from freeze-dried, agglomerated, spray dried and liquid extract - to a wide variety of cold water and hot water soluble teas.  It has a team of dedicated account managers servicing customer needs across the world. Backed by state-of-the-art technology, its factories conform to the highest standards of quality assurance and food safety. The product development teams with their deep category insights can co-create recipes and the packaging teams can customize solutions, be it bulk or small packs, basis the market needs. The last mile of cross-border trade, connecting our products to customers around the world, is handled by the logistics teams shipping containers from South India and Vietnam.


But perhaps the most vital differentiator of Solubles business is the deep relationship with coffee and tea cultivation. It’s long co-existence with Tata Consumer’s own plantations businesses allows it to leverage the vast storehouse of crop insights and keep sustainability at the very heart of the operations.


A presence in the journey from the crop to the cup, this is the winning edge of Tata Consumer’s Solubles business.