For Better Sourcing

We are dedicated to ensuring that our products are produced in an economically, environmentally, and socially just manner. Tata Consumer is committed to sustainable sourcing of our tea, coffee, water and foods offerings.
Sourcing natural goodness
Sourcing Natural Goodness

Our products are in harmony with our 'For Better' philosophy. We take special care in sourcing them responsibly. This is important because we are a consumer-centric company and the conscious consumer of today is interested in knowing where the products they use or consume come from.

Promoting Good Agricultural Practices

Guidelines on Plant Protection

Crop pests and diseases pose risks to the income of farmers and the overall food security of the society. Hence, the use of Plant Protection Formulations (PPF) becomes essential in tea cultivation to achieve optimum productivity under certain socio-economic and agronomic conditions.

We aim to reduce this dependence on chemicals in our supply chain and minimise the possible negative impact of PPFs on the environment. To achieve sustainability in our supply chain, we want to promote Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), including integrated pest management and promotion of alternative control strategies for achieving optimum productivity. Our suppliers focus on responsible chemical management, which includes proper selection, judicious usage, safe storage and proper disposal, occupational health and safety, and green chemistry.

At Tata Consumer, we are committed to sustainable production and consumption of our products. Our sustainable sourcing strategy is focused on sustainable agricultural practices, and describes our code of conduct in purchasing raw materials for our manufacturing units.