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Welcome to Organic India, where every sip is a journey into holistic well-being.

Our story began in early 2000 when a young couple, Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Mitra embarked on a mission to create a business that would serve as a vehicle of consciousness. Their vision was to propagate the wisdom of Ayurveda while empowering farmers and offering safe, wholesome, organic products.

Choosing Tulsi as their flagship offering, they initially faced challenges in convincing farmers to transition to organic farming. In 1998, an Indian farmer in Uttar Pradesh cultivated the first organic Tulsi farm.

Organic India has since flourished, introducing a diverse range of certified organic teas & infusions and products embodying its commitment to healthy conscious living. Today, we partner with small farmers across India, cultivating thousands of acres of sustainable organic farmland.

Our iconic Tulsi Teas & infusions stands as a testament to our journey. 

With revitalizing blends like classic Tulsi Green Tea, invigorating Moringa Hibiscus, warming Tulsi Ginger Turmeric, the robust Black Tea range to Simply Chamomile, there's a drink for every mood and occasion.

Crafted with certified organic herbs and the finest tea leaves, our teas/infusions are packed in eco-friendly bags, ensuring purity and flavour in every cup.

More than just tea, ORGANIC INDIA today represents a global movement dedicated to wellness and mindful living. With a presence in over 48 countries, our products not only nourish you but also support local farmers and help minimize environmental impact.

Join us on a journey towards healthy, conscious living—for you and the planet.