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From being India's first national iodized salt brand in 1983 to continuing to be a market leader in the salt category today, the journey of Tata Salt is a testament to the consumer’s enduring trust in the brand. The tagline of Tata Salt - ‘Desh Ki Sehat, Desh Ka Namak,’ aptly sums up the brand’s aim of improving the health of the nation, supported by the various social initiatives that have have been introduced.

Tata Salt remains steadfast in its mission to deliver healthy, superior quality products to the masses. Every month, 161 million households across India buy pure iodized Tata Salt through 19 lakh+ retail outlets.

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Tata Salt provides an assurance of purity in a market where unbranded salt of dubious quality used to be the norm. Using Vacuum® Evaporation technology, Tata Salt offers consumers a healthy, hygienic alternative — an iodised vacuum evaporated salt that is pure and untouched by hand.

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