Good Earth



Think sunshine. Think laughter. Think sipping on this deliciously zingy herbal brew on a cold winter evening.
Tetley Good Earth Master Brand

Good Earth is a drinks brand that celebrates doing things out of the ordinary! We’re on a mission to bring people closer to nature through flavours from around the world. From our bold teas bursting with flavour to our fizzy kombucha and uplifting Good Energy, our products open up a new world of taste - with the best ingredients we can find, doing the best we can for the planet too.

In the UK and US, Good Earth Sensorial Blends are a new range of biodegradable tea bags with eco-friendly packaging. Delicious, flavoursome and aromatic, these premium grade blends deliver a complete sensorial experience.

In the US, Good Earth’s flagship range of Sweet & Spicy is sweet, spicy, wild, daring... anything but ordinary.


Good Energy

Good Earth Good Energy is a mindful energy drink in the UK market, that’s a pleasure to drink, using organic ingredients and leveraging the power of plants to give consumers clean and natural energy. Each can contains 80mg of natural caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee sourced from Guayusa, a celebrated Ecuadorian leaf blended with natural fruit juices. And that’s not all, there’s also 15mg of added Vitamin C to support your immune system. It’s a can packed full of Good Energy to help you stay focused and give you a delicious, natural lift. Kind to the mind, body and Earth.