Vitax is one of the most well-established and well-recognized fruit and herbal tea brands in Poland. Vitax began its journey over 30 years ago with fruit infusions and has, over the years, developed a variety of teas in the fruit, herbal, functional, green and red teas’ categories. Polish consumers consider Vitax as one of the best fruit tea brand in the market, in terms of intensity, fragrance, colour and aroma. With a wide range of products it’s became indispensable companion on consumers’ everyday life. The brand joined the Tata Consumer Products family in 2007. It is currently building a market share in the functional tea segment and strengthening its position in the fruit and herbal tea categories.

Its latest release, Health Secret, is a line of functional teas giving Polish consumers both health benefits and great taste. It specially combines modern products using spices, fruits, superfoods, active ingredients with a traditional touch of classic herbs whose benefits have been known for thousands of years and are making a comeback today.


Through its unique fruit & herbal flavoured blends Vitax delivers a variety of products for those who enjoy classic infusions and for those seeking new flavous - both loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients. Some of the brand’s most popular products include the Inspirations line – a diverse fruit and herbal flavoured teas of intense taste and aroma; Superfruits line – sophisticated fruit compositions with the exotic touch of fruits from distant corners of the world; Fruits with Spices line - delicious combinations of fruits and aromatic spices imparting an intensive taste and tangy spicy aroma that’s perfect for warming up on autumn-winter days.

For more information, visit: vitax.pl/en/

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