We are committed to innovation and it continues to power our future. Our consumers can always expect products and offerings that are developed with their needs and convenience in mind.
We believe in innovating for better. Our innovation philosophy focuses on providing superior value to our consumers. We have three Research & Development centres spread across Bengaluru and Pune in India, and London in the UK. The cross pollination of ideas across our India and International businesses helps us generate rich insights and adapt products to different markets. We also have a Scientific Affairs Team focused on nutrition research for foods and beverages.
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Innovation in our products
Our legacy of innovation spans our range of food and beverage offerings. In 1989, Tetley introduced the round tea bag that was suited to the growing habit of brewing tea in mugs. This was followed by the drip-less or ‘drawstring’ tea bag.
Our flagship brand Tata Tea revolutionised the packaged tea market in India more than 35 years ago by introducing the flavour-locking poly pack in 1985. Our Foods business pioneered the iodised salt industry in India in 1983 with Tata Salt.
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