Tata Cha walks the talk with Tata Tea Jaago Re to support senior citizens in Bangalore during COVID-19

Tata Cha walks the talk with Tata Tea Jaago Re to support senior citizens in Bangalore during COVID-19
27 April 2020 568 words 5-MINUTE READ
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Tata Cha walks the talk with Tata Tea Jaago Re to support senior citizens in Bangalore during COVID-19

In the fight against COVID-19, Tata Cha, the Out-of-Home initiative of Tata Consumer Products is walking the talk by partnering with Tata Tea Jaago Re in its new campaign - Iss Baar #BadonKeLiye #JaagoRe. This initiative aims to support the elderly and spread warmth to lighten the anxious hours.

Tata Cha has pledged to sponsor 5000+ Chai and Breakfast kits for the elderly in Bangalore where its stores are located. In the first few days of launch ~ 1200 breakfast kits were distributed. Tata Cha is also calling out to individuals in the city to share details of elders who need this support and to join the team in serving them breakfast.

Commenting on the initiative by Tata Cha, Sushant Dash, President, Beverages– India & Middle East, Tata Consumer Products, said, “In the wake of the extended lockdown, it is time we stand up for those who need our care and support the most. Tata Cha has always been a space that spreads warmth to everyone. We are hopeful that our initiative to help the elderly in the city, along with ‘Iss Baar Badon Ke Liye JaagoRe’, will inspire the larger society. We urge one and all to join us in this cause and let our senior citizens know that they are not alone in this. We are ensuring this initiative is run in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines, as provided by the local administration.”

The Indiranagar, Jayanagar & Cunningham Road cafés will be delivering morning Chai & Breakfast to the elderly homes in their respective vicinity.

If you’re in Bangalore, come join the initiative to serve or help register an elderly person for breakfast, by sending their name & location as a WhatsApp message to +919964050246 or logon to jaagore.com.

About Tata Cha

Tata Cha is a warm tea café which marks Tata Consumer Products’ pilot entry in the out-of-home beverage category. The first Tata Cha tea café is located on 12th Main Indiranagar, the heart of Bangalore. At Tata Cha, the essence of the offering is rooted in being authentically Indian. It is about bringing to the consumer the warmth of tapri chai in a modern environment. The balance lies in creating an experience which is premium and aspirational yet, real and authentic. At the core of this venture is the motivation to enhance the appeal of tea and make it more vibrant for newer consumer groups like the millennials. Tata Cha has an extensive menu crafted to revive lost Indian recipes that blend warmth with a dash of youthfulness. This includes signature tea-based hot and cold beverages, traditional snacks, dunkers, exclusive all-day breakfast and meals with a twist. For decades, Tata Consumer Products has built its expertise in understanding the nuances of tea drinking in India and we are aware that Indians love boiled tea. Backed with this insight, Tata Cha specialises in serving freshly boiled tea, just like the corner tea shop, served one perfect cup at a time. With an aim to optimize the out-of-home tea drinking experience coupled with snacks, Tata Cha brings back fond, nostalgic moments.

Tata Cha is designed to reflect the heritage of Tata Consumer Products while embracing local culture. The core objective is to create a space that is warm and nurtures a renewed love for tea. The interior décor, hence, brings together a mix of warm soft wood, bright colours and patterned fabrics to create a charming, youthful ambience.