Tata Consumer Products strengthens coffee portfolio with ‘Sonnets by Tata Coffee’ launch | Tata Consumer Products

Tata Consumer Products strengthens coffee portfolio with ‘Sonnets by Tata Coffee’ launch

Tata Consumer Products strengthens coffee portfolio with ‘Sonnets by Tata Coffee’ launch
04 June 2021 705 words 5-MINUTE READ
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  • Launches ‘Sonnets By Tata Coffee’, A New Premium Roast And Ground Coffee Offering
  • Every Coffee has a Story to Tell – Personalized coffee delivered directly to consumer homes.

Tata Consumer Products, the consumer products company uniting the principal food and beverage interests of the Tata Group under one umbrella, announced the launch of Sonnets by Tata Coffee, a new offering in the premium Roast and Ground coffee segment. This launch strengthens Tata Consumer’s product portfolio and marks its entry into the premium coffee segment. 

Sonnets targets the coffee lovers who are seeking a special coffee experience. Sonnets is sourced from Tata Coffee’s plantations in South India. These are microlot coffees which are limited edition offerings and are processed on the estates in a distinctive manner. Tata Coffee’s plantations conform to the highest global standards of sustainability, being Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Social Accountability certified.

Consumers can shop on www.tatacoffeesonnets.com and can choose their preferred roast type choosing between a light, medium or a dark roast options; they could also suit their brewing preference and opt for either a filter coffee or a French press grind. Microlots are special lots of coffee, selected for their high quality and unique flavour profiles. The current offerings include 4 microlots available in customizations across roast & grind levels and having distinctive aroma and flavour profiles. 

  • Arabica Giling Basah - a well-rounded cup with the discerning feature of wholesome and creamy mouthfeel with swirls of brightness and bright-sweet finish
  • Arabica Anaerobic Milds - a soft, smooth, pleasant and bright cup with sweet after taste 
  • Arabica Red Honey High Elevation – a bright cup with fair and delicate mouthfeel, lingering notes of orange, lemon, green apple and mandarin with flashes of sweetness and brightness on the finish
  • Arabica Red Honey - a pleasant cup with a fair balance of mouthfeel, brightness and complex flavours with a sweet aftertaste.

The packaging design of Sonnets cues artisan, freshly packed coffee – and each pack in addition to the pouch has a special tag attached to it, that captures the details of the garden, grind, flavours & notes of the coffee signed off by Senior General Manager - Plantations

Puneet Das, President - Packaged Beverages, India & South Asia, Tata Consumer Products Limited said “The Indian consumer is embracing a new wave of coffee. Sonnets by Tata Coffee is our newest premium artisanal coffee offering where we bring some of the best coffee produced in Tata Coffee’s estates to your cup. Our goal is to influence India’s coffee culture by introducing high quality Arabica coffee beans and make it the go-to choice for the well-travelled global Indian” 

He further added, “Sonnets by Tata Coffee is the result of Tata Coffee’s 150 year old legacy and unmatched experience that reflects in this launch. We are a conscious brand in the sense that the estates we source from are all Rainforest Alliance certified and follow best in class farming practices. Our e-commerce shopping portal for Sonnets gives you all the information on our coffee range, roast levels and various grinds such as Fresh Press and Filter Coffee.” 

Brand URL: www.tatacoffeesonnets.com 

Other than the brand website, Sonnets by Tata Coffee will also be available on leading Ecommerce channels like Amazon, Big Basket, Tata Cliq Luxury and will be scaled up with selective listing in gourmet stores etc.


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