Tata Consumer Takes a Step Further in its Iodization Journey in India with the Launch of Shuddh By Tata Salt

Tata Consumer Takes a Step Further in its Iodization Journey in India with the Launch of Shuddh By Tata Salt
10 February 2022 508 words 4-MINUTE READ
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Launch of Shuddh By Tata Salt - Listing

The launch addresses regional market needs by offering guaranteed quality and authentic taste

Tata Consumer Products Limited (TCPL), one of India’s largest and most trusted FMCG companies, has launched its latest offering ‘Shuddh By Tata Salt’' in select regional markets across India. Shuddh by Tata Salt is an iodized salt brand which gives consumers access to high-quality branded salt at a reasonable price point. The product has hit stores in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

According to the latest National Family Health Survey(NFHS-5) conducted by  International Institute of Population Sciences(IIPS), states such as Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh have some of the lowest consumption of iodized salt in the country(1). Shuddh By Tata Salt is a regional brand which seeks to provide authentic and high quality iodized packaged salt to consumers in such markets. The new offering not only addresses the potential health concerns which arise due to the consumption of low-quality salt but also provides consumers the health benefits of using iodized salt in one’s diet. The product goes through rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. This eliminates impurities like dirt and soil, imparts the authentic taste and ensures that every packet of Shuddh by Tata Salt has free-flowing and high-quality salt.

Speaking on the launch of Shuddh by Tata Salt, Deepika Bhan, President, Packaged Foods- India, Tata Consumer Products, said, “As a market leader in the Salt category, an important aspect for us is identifying future market needs and innovatively addressing them. Shuddh by Tata Salt has been designed to cater to a specific segment of discerning consumers who want to spend wisely without compromising on the quality of the salt they consume. The launch reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality, and convenient products catering to all unmet consumer needs. 

Shuddh by Tata Salt is available in 1-kilogram packets at a maximum retail price of Rs.20 across general trade channels.

About Tata Consumer Products Limited

Tata Consumer Products Limited is a focused consumer products company uniting the principal food and beverage interests of the Tata Group under one umbrella. The Company’s portfolio of products includes tea, coffee, water, RTD, salt, pulses, spices, ready-to-cook and ready to eat offerings, breakfast cereals, snacks and mini meals. Tata Consumer Products is the 2nd largest branded tea company in the world. Its key beverage brands include Tata Tea, Tetley, Eight O’Clock Coffee, Tata Coffee Grand, Himalayan Natural Mineral Water, Tata Water Plus and Tata Gluco Plus. Its foods portfolio includes brands such as Tata Salt, Tata Sampann, Tata Soulfull and Tata Q. In India, Tata Consumer Products has a reach of over 200 million households, giving it an unparalleled ability to leverage the Tata brand in consumer products. The Company has an annual turnover of Rs. 11,600 cr with operations in India and International markets. For more information on the Company, please visit our website www.tataconsumer.com

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