Tetley Features in Largest Reuse Packaging Platform in Tesco as Loop extends UK Visibility with Physical Shop Presence

Tetley Features in Largest Reuse Packaging Platform in Tesco as Loop extends UK Visibility with Physical Shop Presence
13 September 2021 453 words 4-MINUTE READ
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Tetley is taking a big step forward with its programme to explore options to eliminate single use packaging this month by taking part in a 10-store trial with Tesco and Loop, offering Tetley everyday tea bags in reusable tin cannisters.

The new tins, containing 80 biodegradable Tetley tea bags will be available in designated Loop branded reuse stations in selected Tesco stores. 

Priced at £3.00 in total, the price covers the cost of the tea and a £1.00 deposit for the cannister which can be ‘redeemed’ to the shopper’s Loop account once the cannister is returned for washing and reuse, the same tin is then refilled and returned for sale as part of the Loop zero waste system.

“This is an exciting step forward in our programme to explore reusability and minimise waste,” says Cassie Shuttlewood, Sustainability and Communication Manager for Tata Consumer Products. "The need and rationale for these developments are undisputed, but it’s important that whatever solutions are brought to market that they are easy for consumers to take advantage of,” she adds.

This view is supported by the results of a recent study of 200 adults conducted on behalf of Tetley, which found that although the majority describe themselves as eco-conscious,  75% admitted to abandoning ‘eco products’ and reverting back to ‘standard versions’ after a period of time. 

The study showed that shoppers are likely to make an eco-switch if it is affordable (54%), easily available (43%), and if their brand of choice offers it (24%).  But clear understanding of how to correctly ‘recycle’ packaging after use remains a challenge for many.  

Less than half of those questioned actually read instructions on how to responsibly dispose of household products or waste (47%), and of those who do read the instructions, only 35% claim to fully understand them.  

Having had a year for many to familiarise themselves with the Loop reuse ecosystem via the pilot store online, the physical presence of having a reuse station instore, with return points for empty cannisters, will make the loop ecosystem even more accessible and easy to participate in.

“We all have a desire to do more for the environment, but it can be difficult to make everyday eco-friendly switches and stick to them, especially when things like convenience and affordability come into play,” says Cassie Shuttlewood, Sustainability and Communication Manager at Tetley.

“We have worked to keep these tins as affordable as possible and will reinforce the reuse process via our social channels and online to ensure the best level of take up and repeated use.”

For more information, visit: Product and Packaging | Tetley UK