Sustainable Sourcing in our Foods Business

Sustainable sourcing

Tata Sampann is a fast growing, trusted food brand in India. Everything that emerges from the Tata Sampann stable – pulses, spices or mixes – is always pure and authentic. Legumes and pulses have a range of characteristics that make them a relatively sustainable crop. According to Harvard Institute of Public Health, legumes release up to seven times less greenhouse gas emissions per area compared to other crops. The water footprint per gram of protein for pulses is also much lower than the water requirement for other sources of proteins.

Our pulses are unpolished, which helps retain their natural goodness and nutritional value. Our spices are wholesome and have their essential oils intact – imparting undiluted aroma and flavour into the food. We also offer a range of organic pulses, sourced from organic certified farms, and produced without chemical fertilisers and pesticides. They are made using an environmentally responsible and sustainable agriculture approach. The Tata Sampann Organic range is certified as per National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP), India and the National Organic Program (NOP USDA), USA.