Tata Tea Premium – ‘Desh Ki Chai’ celebrates rich cultural diversity of India, this Independence Day

Tata Tea Premium – ‘Desh Ki Chai’ celebrates rich cultural diversity of India, this Independence Day
11 August 2021 680 words 5-MINUTE READ
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Launches #DeshKaKulhad collection to support local art and artisans 


As an earnest gesture to lend support to the Indian Artisan community, Tata Tea Premium celebrates this Independence Day by bringing out a unique #DeshKaKulhad collection in partnership with Rare Planet - a startup that promotes the work of local Indian artisans. The proceeds of the sale of these exquisite hand painted Kulhads will help to lend support to the artisan community that has been severely impacted by the current times

These special Kulhads have been hand crafted with region specific artforms like Madhubani folkart from Bihar, Warli artform from Maharashtra, Phulkari patterns from Punjab, Patachitra from Odisha ,Sanjhi Art from Uttar Pradesh, etc. The Desh Ka Kulhad collection comprises of 26 distinct Kulhad designs, each Kulhad representing different regions of India. Themed around popular motifs & landmarks from each region, each kulhad celebrates a specific artform of that region.These special hand painted Kulhads thus serve as a unique canvas showcasing India’s diverse culture and rich heritage.

As part of raising awareness for this initiative, the brand has also released a digital film showcasing this diversity. The musical video sung by popular singing artist - Rituraj Mohanty, takes you on a colorful ride across the length and breadth of the country, showcasing India’s vivid artforms lensed from the perspective of the local artisans and their hand painted Kulhads.

Commenting on the initiative Puneet Das, President - Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products states, “Kulhads are an intricate part of Indian culture across the country and most of us would have enjoyed an occasional kulhad waali chai. Tata Tea Premium- Desh Ki Chai has always evoked regional pride through its state customized packaging that captures symbols of pride of each state and communication rooted in regional insights. Hence, as an extension from last year, we again used Kulhads as a unique canvas for showcasing India’s regional diversity and to continue our support towards India’s artisan community. These Kulhads celebrates and showcase the talent of these Kulhad artists and give a unique chance for all of us to own such a vibrant and colourful art collection, while supporting the locals artisans. We hope #DeshKaKulhad is a small step for the betterment of these artisans and just like last year, this year too, for each DeshkaKulhad bought, we will contribute an additional amount as support for the artisan community.”

"For years we have witnessed these art forms. The hard work and labour that goes behind creating these products is impeccable. Our main goal at Rare Planet is to provide a platform for these talents as well as create a financial forum for them. We are extremely obliged and humble for the partnership with Tata Tea Premium regarding #DeshkaKulhad. It will definitely help us to reach more audience and create a better awareness. At this moment we're holding high hopes regarding the exposure and income pertaining to the industry, connected to its roots”, says Rare Planet Co-founders, Ranodeep Saha and Vijay Kumar.

The hand painted Kulhads are available on indiakichai.com for you to shop and support the Indian Artisans.


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