Amalgamation and Scheme of Arrangement

Results of CCM
Se CCM Results
Complaints Report 21st May
Compliance With Clause 49 cg
Rothschild Fairness Opinion
Scheme of Amalgamation of MEMW With TGBL
SSPA and Haribhakti Joint Valuation Report
TGBL Audit Committee Report MEMW Merger
TGBL CSE Observation Letter 25Feb
TGBL NSE Observation Letter
TGBL Post Merger Shareholding Pattern
TGBL BSE Observation Letter 25 Feb
TGBL BSE Observation Letter 24 Feb
TGBL Pre-Merger Shareholding Pattern
Postal Ballot form TGBL and MEMW
TGBL and MEMW Notice of Postal Ballot Court Convened Meeting
Postal Ballot Results
Postal Ballot Scrutinizer Report