Affordable Healthcare

Affordable Healthcare
Tata Consumer subscribes to the World Health Organisation (WHO) commitment that the right to health is a fundamental part of our human rights. Health — both preventive and curative — stands out as a critical aspect of our community intervention.
Our health-related projects and programmes are inclusive and extend beyond infrastructure facilities, such as hospitals and healthcare services. We facilitate access to affordable healthcare for over 1,00,000 tea community members annually, through the High Range Hospital in Munnar and the Referral Hospital and Research Centre (RHRC) in Chubwa. These hospitals are widely recognised for the quality of their service and facilities.
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High Range Hospital, Munnar

High Range Hospital is a multi-disciplinary facility committed to serving the local community with a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals to deliver quality medical care. Our committed primary and secondary level medical care with multi-specialty facilities ensures cost-effective treatment for every patient. The hospital’s wide range of services are supported and led by a team of experienced specialists who deliver comprehensive care.

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Research and Referral Hospital Chubwa

Referral Hospital and Research Centre (RHRC), a 75-bed, secondary care hospital, was conceptualised by Tata Tea Ltd in 1989 and was set up at Chubwa tea estate by Tata Tea in 1994. RHRC has been offering treatment at minimal cost to people. The hospital works on a non-profit basis. It is the only healthcare centre in the region with SA8000 certification. Since 2007, RHRC has treated over 3,00,000 patients. The mission of the hospital is to provide the best secondary medical care at affordable cost in the North East.


With healthcare facilities in rural India being scarce and ill-equipped, RHRC set an example in Assam and North Bengal by providing telemedicine facilities to deliver specialist medical aid to remote locations, where tea estates are located.

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Canadian Cancer Society

Tata Consumer is proud to support the Canadian Cancer Society in its fight against breast cancer, a disease that impacts multiple individuals and communities across Canada. The Company has contributed over US$800,000 to the breast cancer cause since 2001. Through a partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society, Tetley contributes US$50,000 per year to fund innovative breast cancer research, educate women about early detection, and provide support services to those living with the disease. Tetley is also a proud tea supplier to the 7 Canadian Cancer Society lodges, providing a cup of warmth to Canadians who have to travel far from home to undergo treatment for all types of cancer.

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St Jude’s Child Care Centre

Childhood cancers have a high rate of cure, but medical treatment needs to be supported by an infection-free, positive environment along with adequate nourishment. SJICC provides a hygienic, protective and nurturing environment to give these children the best chance of beating cancer. It also creates a supportive community for families who come from all over India. This ‘home away from home’ bridges the gap in cancer treatment with its innovative model of holistic care. SJICCC currently operates in eight cities across India.

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